“Gotham Hall is a FABULOUS event venue!!!”

“Gotham Hall is a FABULOUS event venue!!! We had our wedding at Gotham in June 2013. Allan Kurtz of Gotham Hall is one of the most incredible people I have ever worked with (and I’ve worked with some incredible people). He understands hospitality like no other. From the moment we met with him, his service was beyond top notch. He helped us with each step of the process, including advising us on which vendors to look in to (ie: florists, decor companies, etc) to the actual day-of managing. I cannot rave enough about him! And to those planning upcoming weddings or events…let me tell you: the people aka the talent behind the event are what make it or break it.

Allan answers emails promptly and thoroughly, is excellent at managing people and problem solving, and has such a fabulous personality to boot. This guy keeps his cool, even when you’re starting to lose yours in the planing process! You cannot buy his years of expertise in the business of hosting events. I must also say that the entire staff at Gotham follows Allan’s leadership–everyone we dealt with was tip top.
The venue itself is spectacular, and is the quintessential New York City backdrop. It’s a classic venue, but is also unique in that it was once a bank which closed in the 1920′s. My (now) husband and I are of the mindset that a hotel is a hotel is a hotel when it comes to weddings, so we searched for a venue that encompassed our love of classic New York, but was also not your typical hotel ballroom or private club. We wanted some character…but was also wanted classic…not the easiest combination to find.
Having a creative background working in the entertainment biz, I was also looking for a venue where I could create the world I envisioned, as opposed to a more plug ‘n play type of venue where floral choices and seating charts are as far as the customized planning goes. So Gotham was absolutely perfect for us, as we were truly able to create the world we wanted inside the beautiful bones of Gotham Hall. We even changed the carpet out, which was my first thought expressed to Allan when we came to see the venue for the first time…
I say: “Sooooo…this carpet…it can’t be moved, can it?”
His immediate response: “You can have whatever carpet you want.”
For those interested–we actually placed a carpet of our choice (white) over top the existing one, which of course came at a cost. For the record, the in-house carpet is perfectly lovely (it’s got a regal look) and fits the space beautifully. Again, we were just looking to create a highly specific world and execute a very customized vision. A lot of other “iconic” NYC venues have strict rules about what you can and cannot change about their space, which therefore makes every wedding/event look pretty darn similar…whereas Gotham was open to any and all of my ideas, even the “crazy” ones! And, of course, customizing to such a large degree incurs cost. But Allan was also a great touchstone in terms of helping us gauge our budget properly, and in helping us anticipate any “hidden” costs we may not have initially budgeted for.

Overall, I feel I assembled a phenomenal team of vendors, and Allan at Gotham was a great help in advising us. I’m a big proponent in doing your research and spending a lot of time and work assembling your team…then letting them run with it and trusting in the talent and expertise of those you’ve hired!

But back to Gotham Hall specifically!

In closing:

The architecture is spectacular. The interiors are classic and unique at the same time. The staff is top notch and fulfills your every need and wish, before you even realize you have them. The location is centralized and great for guests traveling in from out of town (ie Penn Station, is a walk away, etc).

What else can I say?!”


Wedding Date: 06/29/2013